Monday 30 March 2015

Deepika Padukone – "My Choice" video review

Thinking of a superlative form of 'desperate'; (thinking, thinking)..Nah...nothing comes to mind. Let me give you an example- 
Deepika Padukone – "My Choice" video (picture source:

Ever asked yourself what drove a no-nonsense hardcore professional actress to the realm of  "woman-power" in the real sphere? Social awareness? The idea of doing good for others? Or was it cheap publicity before an imminent release. Or maybe the quest of a launchpad that imitates other actors in the industry who take to the idea of "social welfare" to promote their films. Whatever the reason, it's one video that goes bonkers over the idea of whatever it was meant to achieve.

Once again, like many of her films, this video starts to choke itself on its length after 1:30 and crawls towards the 2:30 mark. Again,  much like many of her films, it's unintelligent, opinionated and unsuccessful in talking to the audiences. Today, times are such that if you share a Facebook status with the tagline "Empowering the women", it will receive quite an engagement, let alone a 1080p HD video on YouTube with celebs like Anupama Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Adhuna Akhtar in it. To be completely honest, I opened it with what you may call "expectations" given such names and the direction of Homi Adajania but to be even more honest, it was an utter and shameless letdown.

The makers seem to think that they will put anything they want into the throats of the audiences and they will gulp it down because it supposedly contains a 'message' aimed at betterment of the society radical feminists to do their 'thing'. Hear out Deepika's narration; seems like the closing statement of  a primary school play and that too being read from a script by some replacement because the other girl was sick that day. Okay then...the visuals, a sort of a rip-off of the classic revolution Ingmar Bergman brought to the screen. Now, the 99 women shown in the video are supposed to be powerful and so the only thing the director saw fit to do with them is to play horror themes with their entrances, let their hair fly off like the iconic sequences of the movie Raaz and show dark shades along their faces...OOOOHHhh...scary.  Soon the video forays into scenes that remind you of Black Swan although it might be a complete 'co-incidence' or better yet an 'inspiration'.

Finally, the choice. Ask any rational, thinking, unopinionated woman in India or even outside India and she would tell you all that is wrong with what has been said about it. Maybe I could have done it; but then again, I am a sexist hog and a tool of patriarchy. Right? 

Bandwidth Verdict: It's high time the precious bandwidth of the country is stopped being spent on trash like this.                                                                                                                                   

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