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Top 10 Mind Bending Movies

Top 10 Mind Bending Movies 


Cinema started with the idea of amazing the audiences. From then to now, we have moved from surprised to perplexed to stupefied and to flabbergasted with some films. Hence, here we are listing down movies which either require multiple viewings to understand or leave you shell-shocked with a single viewing. The list is my own (therefore in my preferred hierarchy). And the list begins-

#10-The Man from Earth-  

"A talking snake made a lady eat an apple, so we're screwed."


It is surprising how a movie set in a single room and based largely on dialogue has produced a genre for itself at Hollywood. If you are really going to watch this film, please do not visit any sort of synopsis pages to know about it . Let me tell you whatever you want to know. It's protagonists? The actors don't matter. How long is it? 87 minutes. Why watch it? Because it is a work of fiction that will blow your mind.

#9-Perfect Blue- 

"If Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch collaborated for a film, the result would be something like this" -

Few films need to be so simple in order to be so engaging. Japanese films, particularly Anime has proved animation to be much more than the generally perceived notions. This psychological thriller seems almost impossible from the 10th minute of the movie and creates thin lines between reality and dream. What's hidden beneath the layers is easy and difficult to know at the same time. To not give away any spoilers but to tell you what I mean, let's say that for some, the film ends at 62 minutes while for some, it does at 78.

#8- 2001: A Space Odyssey-  

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL."

Before anyone starts cursing me for keeping 2001 at such a low rank, let me make it clear that it is the greatest sci-fi ever made and makes to my top 10 all time greatest movies, let alone this list. But why it is at such a spot here is because excluding, what might be the greatest ending in Cinema history,  the movie is not that mind boggling. The visual effects, the story-line, those frames of evolution, those long shots moving over the spaceships are all classic material but that is not necessarily what we are discussing here. You completely understand what is happening in the movie the whole time and the end is open to be deciphered by the audiences which somehow easily came to me. You watch it again for those aesthetic scenes and not for the meaning. Hence the spot.


"What comes first, the chicken or the egg?''

Predestination is a film that can't be written unless the writer bleeds his hands off while doing the screenplay. Although a keen movie watcher figures out the secrets somehow, the sheer paradox value it provides within 97 minutes of its run-time is unmatched. A loose sci-fi base doesn't mar the excellence of the movie which is an accolade in itself. It does't really deal with deeper truths and ideas like other films on this list but has an entertainment quotient equal to all others.

#6-Strange Circus- 

"The skull was placed on a plate and given to a girl,who then presented it to her  mother."

There are still few films that only Japan can create. You might not have heard of this flick but once you watch this mystery thriller, you will never forget it. It is one movie that takes themes of extreme pain and bewilderment to humanity to their very peak and makes the audience jump off it. Darkness and Circus will have a new meaning for you once you watch it.

#5-Mulholland Drive-

"Just forget you ever saw it. It's better that way."

When people actually came to understand the brilliance of LH, they loved Mulholland Drive. David Lynch once again was there, not to be tested by the audiences but to rather test them. So he began by building a nice sweet room around two beautiful people and then he crumbled the walls and tremored the grounds. There may be several interpretations of the movie and then again, none of them may be correct.

#4-Upstream Color- 

''As a united whole, humanity no longer has a use for a God who doesn’t care'' - Niki Boyle

With Upstream color, Shane Carruth graduated from $7k to $50k and from a dark sci-fi that amazes to a bright drama that questions. Without doubt, it does require a second viewing but only when you have solved most of the puzzle in your head in the first viewing. To top its difficulty level, the film goes deeper into similar questions as Persona and questions the legitimacy of lives being controlled by someone. Is that person wrong in doing that and does he need to be punished? The movie does give an answer but you may not like it.


"The human face is the great subject of the cinema. Everything is there."

 Ingmar Bergman is some Director and Persona is some film. When things boil down to the debate of Idea vs. Execution, this is one film that can win it for the execution side. Beginning with a simple but enthralling story, it throws you exposition when you can't see it and breaks you to a point of absolute disbelief with its ever so famous face morph scene. Although towards the end, you may get a grip of the story but the deeper questions of what actually is our identity and what defines our persona leave you in want of answers for years.

#2-Lost Highway-  

"Funny how secrets travel..."

To say something childish here, You literally feel lost the first time you watch Lost Highway. It's later that you try developing some sense out of it and then too aren't sure if it is right. Truth is, David Lynch doesn't really expect his audiences to formulate objective opinions about his movies. As such, with its matchless cinematography, the first 40 minutes of it are as good as any movie ever filmed. And it keeps on boggling your mind till the very end and beyond.

#1-Primer - 

"If you ditch work this afternoon, and promise to do the few small things I ask you; I will in  return show you the most important thing that any living organism has ever witnessed."

When Shane Carruth made this sci-fi masterpiece in a budget of $7000, little did anyone know that it will prove to be the toughest (for lack of a better word) and most difficult to follow film of all time. After 3 viewings along with some exposition, I could say I was able to grasp the 10 timelines in the movie. And what's the best part? When you see it for the first time, you feel like it's a single solitary linear flick. How about that for a movie ?

Bandwidth Verdict: There maybe films that I have left out because these outdo others for me. As such, all of them are must watch for all serious movie fans. If you people know any good films like these, please comment to share them with everyone                                                                       

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