Friday 6 March 2015


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Bollywood movies have always had a peculiar distinction from Hollywood films- Speed. This does not actually mean that the story-line progresses itself at a faster rate but that within a certain time frame, very few eventful things happen in the movie so that you don't actually feel like having seen, say an hour of a film and Badlapur is no different.

As a viewer, one always has qualms from movies like this. The biggest for me was Varun Dhawan as the lead actor in the movie. If I were to be completely honest, I would say that Dhawan can't act for balls and that is the main reason the makers had to resort to unseaming and irrelevant shades of violence to compensate for this lack of his. Still, the movie is replete with some strong performances.

As the title goes, it is a story of revenge; don't let yourself get fooled by any 'higher philosophies' of 'change' or 'transformation' that although the movie seems to hint at but can't. Raghu (Dhawan) loses his wife Misha (Yami Gautam) and kid as they become victims of a hot-blooded murder. Who did this to him? The movie doesn't care about keeping any sort of suspense about it because it wants us to hate the man who did it, Laik (Nawazuddin) who is dark, shady and cunning. The movie however, tries too hard to create a worthy adversary of him in form of Raghu and loses the plot-line altogether doing that. But you don't get bored; you have Harman, Laik's crime partner, played by Vinay Pathak, the ever so entertaining care-bear and the surprise package of the film, Radhika Apte as his wife, who is although good in the movie for all the bad reasons, steals the show whenever she is in the frame. 
In one telephone talk with Liak, she beats Nawaz's dialogue delivery in a single line of three phases which is utterly awesome to watch. There are some other supporting acts too but those are useless and socially awkward. There is Huma Qureshi who plays Jhimli and upon whom I would not comment anything because it would be too damn cynical. 

The movie is made so as to create a noir feeling and bring about the greyness of the world. But it is a blunder on the part of the makers. This is because this greyness is created to bring about a sense of closeness to reality in films and to show how real people would behave given a similar premise. But the movie contradicts everything it stands for.

At the end of the day, it is a fresh movie but there wasn't any need of the Adult content in the movie. Also, any better actor in place of Dhawan would have changed the movie considerably.

Bandwidth verdict: It is a one-time watch Yes. But watch alone.

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