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Top 15 Bollywood movies of all time

Top 15 Bollywood movies of all time

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I love Bollywood. Not only because I have been fed the same from childhood but because there are certain aspects of human life that it touches better than the rest of world cinema (barring Japanese Film Industry). Some, however, may not agree with me and so, here is a list for all and sundry to remember what gems Bollywood has given us-

#15-Geet Gaaya Pattharonne:

“I saw my mother in your bride”

There can be few things more picturesque than watching art celebrate art. Although a surprise on this list, the film moves through the life of an artist, a sculptor who has got this mastery in his blood but requires an inspiration to fan this fire. His quest goes through several ups and down finally culminating into a climax that leaves you with goosebumps.

#14- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam:

“Shaadi sirf jism ka rishta nahi hai ... mann ka milan hai, aatma ka rishta hai”


A love story, a separation, a twist- this clich├ęd story of our cinema never had a better culmination than Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. With songs to die for, sequences to watch on repeat and romance to dream about, the movie brought about a one-to-one with reality for the audiences and celebrated everything that Indian culture stands for.

#13- Waqt:

“Waqt hi banata hai, aur waqt hi bigadta hai”

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If ever there was a film that succeeded in giving a message to the audiences, it was Waqt. Stressing the power of time over man, the film does not only make an agenda of it but brings forth moments of happiness and misery juxtaposed in a saga that would forever be copied in Cinema but never repeated with the same charm and virtuosity.

#12- Sholay:

“par khota sikka to dono taraf se hi khota hota hain na?
                  insaan or sikke mein shayad yehi fark hain”


Sholay was a film that created a uniquely new genre of entertainment in Bollywood. With ‘inspiration’ from Japanese &Italian films and the Spaghetti Westerns, it brought a whole new flavour to this curry with audiences going gaga over all aspects of it. With attributes of friendship, love, family, loss, goodness and sheer evil- all within it, it offered something to audiences of all tastes and deservedly became the highest grossing Indian movie of its times.

#11- Queen:

“Mera sense of humour bahut acha hai. Dhire dhire pata chalega apko”

Source: Filmibeat
Your heart makes an extra beat every time you see the pulchritude of real life on the celluloid. Queen is a real victory of womanhood without any pretentious sage like female lead uttering cliches how a woman is always treated and so on. With this, Bollywood grew up from an infant who keeps crying when he/she needs something to a thoughtful child who knows what he WANTS and knows how to get it. (Read review)

#10- Deewar

“Lagta hai bojh hamari kismet mein likha hua hai Maa. Mere kandhon se hata to tumhare dil pea a gya


Salim-Jawed brought the concept of the ‘angry young man’ to Indian Cinema and Amitabh Bachchan immortalized it. “How the world moulds a person by putting him into circumstances that leave no-choice even for the strongest of spirit” is something that takes 21 words to write but one picture to say. It is a literal treat to watch Amitabh Bachchan shot by shot in Deewar and hear his dialogues again and again and again. Ironically enough, the most iconic dialogue of the film was delivered by Shashi Kapoor.

#9- Swades:

“Apni chaukhat ka diya, giving light to neighbor's house”

Ashutosh Gowariker is arguably the best director of present day Bollywood and this got stamped when he made Swades. The attention to detail, the ability of handling the landscapes and the dedication you see missing in present day cinema is everything that makes up Swades the film it is. Although what the movie stands for is a matter of choice, the brilliance of the choice its protagonist makes under his circumstances takes justification that is well provided for by this 195 minute film.

#8-  Veer-Zaara:

“Across the border there is a person ... who can give his life for you”

Few films are so deliberately beautiful and directorially convincing as Veer-Zaara. Sequence after sequence, shot after shot, song after song, this is one movie that oozes with excellence and delight. Forget the morality, forget what’s right and wrong for 3 hours, and watch this movie as it goes by taking you into its own world of love and sacrifice.

#7- Mughal-E-Azam:

“Saleem tumhe marne nahi dega, aur hum Anarkali tumhe jeene nahi denge”

Mughal-e-Azam is a movie that is, in the truest sense, not for everyone. Although made with lavishness that few films can make good use of, it doesn’t worry over being rejected by the non-intelligent audiences, thanks to its ever so memorable soundtrack. Thanks to the film, Prithviraj Kapoor’s Akbar and Madhubala’s Anakali will forever remain the very images of these historical characters every time we read their names in textbooks.

#6- Do beegha zameen:

“apni kahani chhod ja, kuchh to nishani chhod ja’’


With inspiration from Ladri di biciclette, Do beegha zameen brought neo-realism to India and captured the frets and fumes of an Indian farmer with a dedication that it brings even the numbest of the movie-watcher to a point of breakdown. If you ever want to see method-acting at its very best in Bollywood, look no further than Balraj Sahni pulling a rickshaw on the streets of Calcutta. 

#5- Lagaan:

“Ye ek ladaai hai, jo hamka jeetni hai”


Lagaan was something, the world had never seen before, yet it was something we were all too familiar with. The epic clash between a village and the English army on a cricket ground, set in pre-Independence India, with rustic landscapes, frisky colours and lofty spirits was a home-coming of Indian mainstream cinema to the track of intelligent and entertaining movie making.

#4- Mother India-

“Main beta de sakti hun, laaj nahi de sakti”


An edge over Hollywood that Bollywood has always had is that Bollywood succeeds in driving the audiences to tears, thereby establishing a connection with the characters so that we care for them. And maybe, Mother India is the most successful film to do so (The first film I cried while watching, and it has only happened twice. L ). The struggle of a farmer family, a single mother, a helpless son and an epic ending made for India’s first true entry into the Oscar stage and a well-deserved one.

#3- Kaagaz ke Phool-

“Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam; Tum rahe na tum, Hum rahe na ham”

When Guru Dutt made Kaagaz ke phool in 1959, it proved that Pyaasa wasn’t a fluke. The subtle intensity with which he captured the turmoil of a once big shot film director and his nostalgia of the good old days versus the bitter harsh present was something that world cinema celebrated and saluted.

#2- Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957) :

“Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum Ayese Ho Humaare Karam"
Nekee Par Chale, Aaur Badee Se Tale, Taankee Hasate Huye Nikale Dam”

What is good? What is evil? What is the line that separates them? What is the force which prevents them from meeting? Partly based on a real-life experiment, when V. Shantaram’s Adinath took in 6 hardcore criminals and made it his life to make men out of them, little did anyone know that the result would make for a lesson that Indian schools will forever be teaching to their students.

#1- Pyaasa:

“Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai”

The excellence of some films cannot be repeated, even by the same people who made them first-hand. Maybe it’s because it was chance that a masterpiece like this got produced in the 50s Bollywood. When Guru Dutt portrayed the hollowness of the life of a man who dreamt beyond his stature, the stark irony that resulted out of it was a story that would not be paralleled in years and ages. 

Bandwidth Verdict: These and many more are some must-watch Bollywood Flicks for world-wide audiences. As my love persists for them and many others develop it too, I feel like I would be saying in future- " In love with Bollywood way before it was cool"                                       

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