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Bombay Velvet review

"Fiat chalaane wale ko Mercedes chalaane doge, toh thok hi dega"


"Is it really as bad as you have heard?" Yes. "But you have heard of some Locarno film festival where it was much appreciated"- Right. Then what's the truth? The truth is an irony. And it is an irony that has sunk quite a few films in the past, the most recent being Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. What is this irony? It's the fascination of the director in getting the setting right and in doing so losing the plot line altogether.

Tamasha review

Tamasha or 'How NOT to make a 3 Idiots'

Source: dailymotion

"Why always the same story?" asks the movie poster. Along similar lines, a storyteller in the film connects Ramayan with the Trojan War and tries to draw parallels between stories of the east and that of the west. He believes, and makes our protagonist Ved (later Ranbir Kapoor) believe, that the same story works everywhere. However irresponsible this might be, the director wants to tell us something at this point. But he is unable to do so. He seems too busy in brewing up something cinematic yet artful and woo the audiences that he takes up and drops many interesting motifs throughout the film and relies on cliched story elements to move his film.

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