Tuesday 3 March 2015

OMG: Oh My God !

In season 8 of The Big Bang Theory, there is a scene when Penny, a bimbo fresh into marketing, talks to his fiance Leonard, a boffin with an IQ of over 170, about how if her job turns good, she would be earning a lot more than him and how it might create financial drifts between them. As a man of reason, there are some things I know for a fact and understand to be true; yet it hit me hard when I heard this. How a super-genius physicist can be less valuable than a fresh out waitress? And then I saw PK.

OMG came in 2012 and raised questions about religion similar to PK but in a serious way with tremendous ardour. Although, such things are utterly pointless as there is nothing really wrong with religion in anyway, I see no harm in taking this movie (and not PK) as a good enough flick to browse through and enjoy. Yet OMG made ₹105 crore whereas PK made more than 6 times of that even though it wasn't half a film as OMG.

Of course, it was evident as OMG was a minnow to PK in terms of marketing, distribution and number of screens. But look at these movies at a go once. First OMG , then PK and tell me that you don't feel disappointed after watching the latter. OMG is some film; and Paresh Rawal is some actor.

It doesn't matter if it was an adaptation of a play or an Australian film; OMG is a superb movie that is not a story of Man vs. God but of Man vs. his disbeliefs. You have Kanji, (Paresh Rawal), a man in a real predicament who is an atheist but constantly donates money at places of worship; a man who has lost his everything in an earthquake but is determined to get it back even if he has to sue God himself to do it. The magic of the movie is that he actually does it and that too in a manner that will keep you amazed throughout the 125 minutes of the movie.

The best thing about OMG and why it did not spark so much controversy is that it embraces all religions and their teachings, respects them and does not make fun of them. It simply asks questions, and that too not to preach anything to the masses but to get a man what he believes he deserves. It does get wrong at times but what piece of art based on such an issue wouldn't?

OMG has some stylish method acting by Paresh Rawal and epic courtroom scenes that you will not have witnessed anywhere else. It has a good enough antagonistic bench with Mithun, Govind Namdeo and Poonam Jhawer. And then there is Akshay Kumar, also a producer of the movie who plays God himself ! Spoilers eh? Only if you are a non-Indian because the trailer gives it all away. All this along with a justified climax, that although may be shunned by some as cowardly, is the best thing that could have happened to this already awesome movie.

All in all, OMG is a film you MUST choose any day of the week over PK. Because although both films preach, you will take OMG home with you and remember something that is not bad at all.

Bandwidth Verdict: As another verdict stated, It's one movie you must watch.

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