Saturday 7 March 2015


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There is a sense of sheer pride and happiness you feel when some form of art depicts exactly what you feel like; when your own frequency tunes with that on the screen and when your heart makes an extra beat every time you see the pulchritude of real life on the celluloid. Queen provides you all of this and more; much much more.

For most of it, Queen is not about the plot. A girl Rani (Kangna) who gets dumped by her fiance a day before her marriage and her struggle to get out of this trauma has Bollywood written all over it. But look at this movie and look at Kangna who chooses to do this 'getting over' by embarking on a solo honeymoon that she had been planning for so much time. And as someone said so aptly, sometimes we travel to discover the world and sometimes to discover ourselves, Kangna's journey, and I say 'Kangna' instead of saying 'Rani' because I don't think any other actress could have pulled this off so beautifully; Kangna's journey is a landmark in Indian Film-making and would be remembered for all times to come whenever good movie-making is talked about.

A beautiful aspect of Cinema is that you don't really know who will come out of nowhere and deliver a masterpiece. As of Kangna, it is known how good she can be with her films like Tanu weds Manu, Fashion and Ganster. But Vikas Bahl, with his second directorial project only,steals the show like very few Indian directors ever have. His screenplay based on his observations of what really is the life of a Delhi girl can be guessed by his remark- "first half, Rani gets over the guy, and in the second, she gets over herself". The film, although made in a small budget and that too with great difficulties in production, has some of the most classy cinematography and stylish sequences one can find these days. All this coupled with some awesome background score makes it, pretty much an 'All Time Great' film.

And I am not joking when I say this. If ever you feel like watching some authentic method acting in a Bollywood movie, look at the sequences when Rani gets drunk and loses her inhibitions going all out about her world and her dealings with the people who constitute it. Kangna has cemented herself as the real queen of Bollywood with this film and as an actress, the makers can bank on for a combination of terrific acting and good looks.

Queen is pretty much the film of the decade for me; Not merely because it is so very enjoyable but also because it does not try to preach the ever so boring saga of  radical Feminism to the audience. It is a real victory of womanhood without any pretentious sage like female lead uttering cliches like " that is how a woman is always treated" blah blah blah. With Queen, Bollywood has grown up from an infant who keeps crying when he/she needs something to a thoughtful child who knows what he/she WANTS and knows how to get it.

Bandwidth Verdict: There are films without which there is something missing in our lives. Queen is one such film. 

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