Thursday 18 February 2016

This Ki and Ka trailer is fantastico

It has been trending over the social media and over YouTube for quite sometime now and unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of it. And it is plain awesome. 

This trailer is plain fantastico

A couple of days earlier, Kareena and Arjun Kapoor launched the trailer of their upcoming film 'Ki and Ka' in Mumbai. With the movie releasing on April the first, 2006 and with a director as good as R.Balki, it looks like the best bet among all movies coming in the first half of the year. The only thing that can turn it bad is if they really make a fool out of themselves on April 1 by having put all the best bits of the movie in the trailer itself. But if is not so and the film is even half as peppy as the trailer, we are in for a show.

 The trailer however throws a lot our way in terms of basic premise leaving little to our imagination. Kareena is a superhot corporate woman, maybe someone who has finally settled to the idea of getting married after achieving the needful in her professional life. Arjun plays an easy-go-lucky guy who would man up in all other dimensions of the prototypical Bollywood hero except one- he would not go to an office and earn money. No he wouldn't. He wants to party like men, he likes girls, likes all stuff but when it comes to the 'office-career-ambition' routine, he just can't work them. He prefers to be a homemaker- and I use the term homemaker instead of house-husband not because it clashes with the housewife prototype in our mind but because the term house-husband implies that Kareena may have another husband somewhere else too. (Yeah, the joke's stolen, but it's still cool. What? It's not? Come on).

Again, the duo seem perfect for their roles here. The build is just accurate for Kareena's character and especially for Arjun. He has to play a stay-at-home guy who gets up late and takes on juices and wine and bear and does little to no exercise because what would it get him? He instead is devoted to serving his wife in every way she demands, respecting his mother-in-law and make preparations for his wife's parties when she has friends over. As much as this would be bizarre to see were the sexes reversed, it makes my heart go racing just by thinking how over the top hilarious the scenarios can turn out to be.

The music seems lively still and the duo look to have a genuine chemistry. Something may get compromised given Kareena looks quite elder to Arjun here but I am supposing that the movie would tell this to us and would justify the same by thowing the "I wanted to secure my career first" routine. The trailer also depicts some not so subtle sexual innuendos in the couple's lives and while they may be hilarious to watch, it would be better if they keep that to a minimum.

Kareena, after a long time, seems to be in her A-lister mode here. The limited frames we get to see of her in her office attire promise some crisis in that life which may later mingle somehow into her private life too. But navigation through the whole movie would still be a fun ride and Balki would come up with a justified conclusion to the film. 

Bandwidth verdict-When the trailer is that good, it would be a shame if the movie isn't able to make the same impact.

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