Saturday 13 February 2016

Sanam Re Review: A Music album shamelessly disguised as a movie.

In 1990, The Bhatt camp and Gulshan Kumar made a movie out of a music album they believed would bring the nation to a still. And it did. Bhushan Kumar has tried to do something similar here but there are two big problems. The songs aren't that good and they forgot to put in a story here.

 A Music album shamelessly disguised as a movie.

Sanam Re is so bad that it does not even deserve to have a full-fledged review written about it. But then again, that's the beauty of reviews whereby we undergo the navigation of  a film so that you don't have to. I am even more disappointed by the fact that Bollywood does not have a good movie to offer in Valentine's week and the best bet for a couple would be to go and watch Sanam Teri Kasam again. Talk about going to a Cinema hall, Sanam Re does not even deserve to be seen on national television if it were to come out right now.

The Plot? It's not even paper thin, it just does not exist. Boy (Pulkit Samrat) and girl (Yami Gautam) love each other, live in a small hill station and..wait for this in a school. How clumsy those frames are where they wear those uniforms and sit near those ever so beautiful waters, is something you better not witness. But thanks to some bunch of downright goofy cliches, they separate, then meet again, then separate, then meet again then separate...Hell, I can't give a damn taking care of the number. There is also another angle whereby to save his job, Pulkit's character Akash has to woo a business woman Akansha (Urvashi Rautela) within a week. And that week would be spent in Canada which means they have another lame reason to shoot in exotic locales and get that model they have hired to wear a two piece in ice-cold temperatures just so they could shoot a bunch of songs.

As for the songs, they are peppy- Yes- and some of them are even fantastico enough for people to play on YouTube on repeat. But that does not license the makers to reap money out of people's pockets by pushing anything down their throats. Yes, a movie can't be called bad if you can make good money out of it but that doesn't mean you will go on and create a disaster like this. Also, the next time you try to do something similar, that viewer who almost left the film in the middle would show you your true colours and you would have lost that one basis to be proud of too.

Creativity died a slow, cruel death when this film was being made and lascivity shamelessly stepped in to fill its shoes. And on top of all this, Director Divya Khosla actually wanted us to hold the film as a symbol of true love and sacrifice. My dear makers, those shitty facebook posts circulated in the name of  'one like one awww' are more inspiring than this film.

Bandwidth verdict-Do not watch this movie, never watch this movie. If you have time to kill, go to YouTube and watch some songs of it. Atleast that experience wouldn't be runied.

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