Sunday 21 February 2016

The All New Tata ZICA Hatchback: It's #Fantastico

Fifteen years ago, Tata Motors (then TELCO) came up with a supermini Indica for the Indian roads and revolutionized the Indian Automotive Industry for ever. It was able to achieve what no-one had done prior to it in India- It materialized its vision, realized its dream, the dream of developing the most modern Indian Car indigenously. And this time, it has come up with something even more fantastico- The Hatchback Zica. The car launch is expected in Feb-March as Tata takes its best foot forward. Here, we look at some peppy features of the car, the momentum surrounding it and why it is the best bet for its intended price segment-


The greatest things come out of the greatest thoughts. So when Tata decided to show the world their capability as a world-class automobile manufacturer and designer, we had this talisman of a car. It was initially codenamed 'Kite' and it took about 36 months to surface from zero. Keeping in mind the customer appeal on an international basis, Tata 'spared no expense' in getting the expertise from over the world to build upon this dream car. And they seem to have come up with flying colours here. Zica seems to draw upon the legacy of Indica, a Zippy Car after the Indian Car and is sure to win over hearts once it is out there for the people to grab on.

Why it is so awesome?

There are literally hundreds of things to tell you about and answer the question. I should probably start about its features, its design, the interior, the performance. Now all of this is of supreme importance but here, it comes later. What I want to tell you is why this car works on your mind better than all others who would be offering those features at a higher price change perhaps. To broaden those reasons, I go with the following five divisions-

#1- It's Fantastico-

The #Fantastico Song: Tata Zica

“for he had acquired, as time went on, the firm conviction that any thought, even the most audacious, that any fiction, even the most insane, can one day materialize and see its fulfillment in space and time.” 
― Stefan GrabiƄski

When you think about it, a car is not just a car. It's a fulfillment, a realization of those fantasies we all imbibe and cherish. We all have those fantastic moments, those desires of that long ride we want to take with someone, that worry-less triumph of being able to go out just for the fun of it and that satisfaction which comes out of driving that car which makes heads turn. The Tata Zica offers you all of this, and more.
The reason why it is branded #Fantastico is probably because it caters to and fulfills all those little fantasies of Indian masses. Tata knows what it means for us to own a car, evident by its introduction of the Lakhtakia Nano, but with Zica, it has gone way ahead in serving the people. The fact that it is more customer centric than any of its previous ventures shows its desire to give them everything they cannot even ask for.

#2- It's a peppy experience-

On and on it sings without a pause, so peppy, even frantic, as if its voice alone is keeping the world awake.” 
― Jerry Spinelli, Love, Stargirl

If you haven't seen Rome, you haven't seen it. But you can always ask those who have. Driving the Zica is quite unlike anything you experience in a usual run of the mill routine. It gets you pumped up, energised, rejuvenated, wanting for more and more. Your heart begins to beat faster and after a while, you stop thinking about the experience and just bask in the glory of the moment. When you get off the Zica experience, you leave in high spirits with the idea in your mind- "I have got to get me one of these".

#3- It makes an impact-

“Shoot for the biggest and boldest impact possible.
If you need a full corporate makeover—do it. Moderation is just not going to cut it.” 
― Lorii Myers

Making an impact, the Zica way (source)

When you see it, you love it and once it is taken away from your eyes, you long for it .That's how most desires make an impact on you and Zica does it better than all of them. It has this factor quite evident which differentiates it from other cars where the impact quotient is mostly passive and inherent. What this means is that when you look at this car, you wish you had it and the desire to own it lasts. 
Maybe it's the exquisite design, maybe it's the overall appeal that drives you but once you have seen it, you are sure you want to put your money on it.

#4- Music- 

“You know, one of the tragedies of real life is that there is no background music.” 
― Annie Proulx

Eight speaker audio system for surround sound performance

If you love that idea of navigating through a beautiful rainy day in your car, listening to 'Suhana Safar aur yeh mausam hasin', this is the car for you. It comes with an exquisite surround sound experience packed with an eight speaker Harman audio system, ensuring that solid dose of entertainment on the way. Listen to a peppy number while you drive, play high metal when you are partying or put on some Beethoven when you are returning from work- in every way, you are hooked.

#5- Navigation-

“When you follow a star you know you will never reach that star; rather it will guide you to where you want to go. ... So it is with the world. It will only ever lead you back to yourself.” 
― Jeanette Winterson

Turn-by-turn navigation app in the Tata Zica

It is at the end that you return home while all other times, life takes you to unexpected places. And in those places, you need someone or something to guide you, to play a marker to your journey, to play a pole-star to your sails. Well, here is your Pole Star in the Turn-by-turn navigation app of the Tata Zica. And it's for the first time that you are getting this oh-so-awesome feature in this hatchback segment. This one thus, is  a real cherry-on-the-cake feature.

Features at a glance-

The exterior of the car makes an immediate impact on the mind and it lasts. Those sharp curves on its body, the exquisite frame and those bends at the extreme corners make for a one of a kind look. It gives a feeling of those marbled masterpieces that great artists did not just beat with a hammer but sculpted. Every part of it looks chiseled, like Charlon Heston's jaw probably, and is a candy to the eyes.

The head and tail lamps protrude in marvellous curves, creating a sporty, palpable feel.

The interior is as accentuated as the exterior, maybe even more so. The Zica houses an elegant dashboard laden with cutting edge features embedded on its console.

You have the next generation ConnectNext Infotainment system by Harman, in black with a complementing chrome design which gives it a premium feel in conjunction to being high on utility. 

ConnectNext Infotainment system by Harman

The car also sports ample slots, twenty two to be precise, for utility items like coffee mugs, smartphones and water bottles. It is evident that the design has come up carefully putting every item that the customer may need within the hand's reach.

Tata Zica Sports 22 utility slots

In conjunction with the Infotainment system and the navigation app, the car also provides a Juke-Car app that can connect upto 10 smartphones at a go. So now, everyone can finally choose to play his/her own songs and nobody is left out of the fun.

The Juke-Car app for your own playlists

The Air-conditioner is powerful enough for its size and the vents are intelligently designed to reach every desolate corner. Comfort is a priority for the customer and that has not been sacrificed to cash more on other factors.

For a less than four meter hatch, Zica surprisingly houses enough space for everything and the adjustable scoop up seats make for more flexibility when it comes to movement within the car.

The instrument panel gives a proper sports car inkling, mounted with a tachometer all the way to an upshift prompter, in addition to the usual info specs.

The Zica is strong in its built and takes care of the in-car safety as a priority. Dual front airbags and parking sensors are few of the lot.

The drive-time cautiousness is probably the take-away feature here. It ensures a smooth, shockproof ride thanks to its ability to absorb sudden thrusts in weight. The advanced ABS with EBD and Corner Stability Control makes sure that the wheel speed is controlled and taken care of during sudden brakes. The steering becomes more and more suitable to the wrists with speed which is win-win achievement all the way.

There are two engine options here you can choose from-

The first is a Revotron 1.2L petrol engine that delivers a power of 85 PS. Two driving modes, City and Eco(for economy) are possible with this engine, ensuring better adaptability as per conditions. 

This engine seems to fare pretty good in the segment Zica is slated to receive its competition. With a suitable price range, it can disrupt their markets quite easily as evident from the given comparison chart-


The second is a Revotorq 1.05L diesel engine that delivers optimum power of 70 PS. It is unknown to me however, if the previous two drive modes were available on the diesel engine.

The diesel engine seems to be fare even better than the petrol engine and there seems to be excellent scope for it to work wonders in its own segment-


In addition to some other usual panel features, Zica also comes with an EPAS system for easy steering as well as a  gear shift recommendation feature.

With all of these Talismani features and possible mid three to four lacs or above price range expected, the Tata Zica seems to be the next big in the market in the coming month. That it is going to score high, both in numbers as well as appreciation after the launch is certain, what needs to be seen is just how big it delivers.

A tale of adaptation: 

That the new hatchback has adapted to every thick and thin of the industry challenges is evident from the fact that TATA chose to re-brand its most precious product in years, just so it did not project any negativity because of its resemblance to the Zika virus. While this is something that could have been a setback, Tata was forthwith in its approach displaying character in the time of crisis. As such, it gives a new dimension to its prized new car. Be the new name Tiago, Adore or Civet, it is slated to take the automobile market by a storm.

Note: All pictures used, unless stated otherwise, have been taken from The spec-stat sources include Tata Zica and rediff.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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