Saturday 18 April 2015

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer

So this here is not a leaked Cam print but the real deal- ‪#‎BatmanvSuperman‬: Dawn of Justice trailer (Original)

It seems good luck is smiling on all cinephiles these days. First the epic Star-Wars trailer and then this- Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, first a leaked cam print and then the original. Check out the awesomeness of a dangerous Superman, Alfred Pennyworth's voice and Batman (because he is Batman).

Some pointers-

  • Something tells me Ben Affleck is going to be one hell of a Batman...not that anybody was happy with this casting but with this trailer, it seems he might pull it convincingly enough to make fans of a newer, darker Batman.
  • Also the movie should have been this dark because that's what really adds to the value of superhero films these days...even the unthinking avengers is coming up with darker shades with Age of Ultron.

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