Wednesday 27 January 2016

To be traveled..

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 So here, I am going to list down the 5 fantastico places in my list that I eagerly look forward to visiting. Since I have not yet undergone the navigation through them or traveled them thoroughly, I can’t tell much about the highs and lows of it. So I am going to go by what I have heard about these places, read in reviews and why I find these places perfect for a dream outing/vacation. All are welcome to suggest their favourite travel destinations and high fives if mine match yours. Here goes the list-

#5- Kerala Backwaters- 


The lagoons, the lakes, the waters and the boats. Kerala backwaters has been a dream spot for me to visit ever since I came to know of this peppy and thrilling experience filled with the best of the things that calm your senses and prepare you for an easier life after a break. Thus, Kerala has to be the best place to visit if I want some quiet time away from the frets and fumes of a hectic life schedule. Just imagining the days I could spend gliding in a houseboat or on a ferry gives me goosebumps. What’s more, for once I feel like giving up my 'cheap stay' thoughts for a while and stay in a luxurious resort there.

#4- Kedarnath- 


Some deep and holy connection coupled with an experience that offers trekking puts Kedarnath at one of my priorities in the list of places I desperately want to visit and that too as soon as possible. While the story of the Kedarnath temple and Lord Shiva has always got me going, I also feel like witnessing one of the most talked about and featured Dhams after the terrible mishap it witnessed a couple of years back. Something draws me there and I wonder why I haven’t yet been to this holy shrine of a place. Anyways, I intend to do so soon…very soon.

#3-Leh Ladakh- 

Seeing the pictures of people on social media visiting this oh so awesome place boils my blood because I envy them so much at having gotten the opportunity of visiting this white white mass of paradisical landscape. Social media does impact your travel list I guess. The cold desert of India with its mammoth tourist culture has eluded me until now but no matter what, the next vacation I get, I am going to visit this place.

#2- Kashmir- 


“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast”. 

Just this line by Khusro can make any person, who loves to live his life in harmony with nature, eager to visit Kashmir. What’s more is that this place really is a paradise on earth. Given the stature it holds and the sanctuary it has formed in the hearts of people who have actually been here, I feel like a criminal at never having gathered the courage to be there, even when I did get a chance. Huh… the heart wants that story to be written but feels like there would be a time, a right time for it to take place. And so, I am waiting for it.

#1- Udaipur- 

Nothing makes my heart beat faster than this photograph of Udaipur. Although, since I am living in Jaipur for a couple of years now, I have deliberately never made plans of going there. Several of my friends have been there and back; they offered me to go with them and I denied every single time. This is because Udaipur, for reasons I can’t even express in words, holds the softest corner in my heart among all places and so I want to navigate through it not to get peace but when I am at peace with everything else in my life. I feel that would be the best time to visit this place for the very first time.

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