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My 5 fantastico yet to read novels


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There are probably very few people out there who would be satiated by all that they have read. For others, there remains a propensity to read more and better books and as soon as possible. But either time does not allow us or there are some other constraints (in our minds i.e.). This is a list of my 5 fantastico novels that I have either began but not finished yet or those that I haven't touched. Yet, through their revered stature and themes that I can identify with, I am in love with these titles and want to finish them up soon as I can. Here it goes- 


I don’t know why I want to read this novel so badly. I gather that it’s about the frustrations of Bukowski with his life’s relationships through a different character but being that personal too, it intrigues me to find out more about the man. Maybe with all this social media going on, we have gotten accustomed to peeping into people’s homes and private lives.

#4-Moby Dick- 

“Call me Ishmael”. No matter if you know or not about the immense popularity and stature of this one, you get compelled to read this just by reading this very first line of the book. Huh, if there was any other opening line as good as this barring Lolita and A tale of two cities. Regarded as the "the greatest book of the sea ever written” it instantly becomes a must read. Although Herman Melville’s novel evokes themes of adventure for me, what I have read from reviews suggests realism and a lot more. I often dread that if I don't read it soon enough, I may end up watching the movie :P

#3-Don Quixote- 

Almost unanimously regarded as the greatest fictional work of all times by critics and readers alike, Miquel de Cervantes’s Spanish saga of chivalry has eluded me thus far. Although the translated work that I possess seems to be an authentic and decent one, it hasn’t yet been able to get me in beyond fifty or so pages. The story looks compelling though and with a theme like this, I guess I would take it up again during some small vacation.

#2-Mein Kampf- 

Why would I want to witness Hitler’s autobiography and what good can come of it? The answer to this is a bit personal one. I have always believed in getting behind the motivation of a person that gets him do what he does. On similar lines, it becomes imperative that I try to get behind the motivation of the single greatest point in modern human history. I have read excerpts of it although it is not the right thing to do. Hitler talks about his beliefs of a man and sometimes presents situations that you can identify with. Yet, what you do in those circumstances depends entirely on you.

#1-War and Peace- 

Tolstoy’s greatest epic and quite possibly one of the greatest classics ever written on the subject of war is one of the most revered books that remain to be read by me. The reason is obviously and shamefully the size of it. One of the longest novels ever written, War and Peace seems to corporate everything in scope and extent that encompasses life. Although most of why I would love to read this book early as possible consists of its stature and the myriads of applauding reviews that have been passed on the novel, I have a bigger reason to include this on my list. Apparently, the novel is about whatever lies between the good and bad times in life and whatever transpires in those times too. It thus is a novel that not only recounts the account of an invasion for me but it is a way for me to understand the nature of man towards war. Inspired by its title, I even wrote a short story on the subject – ‘Impact of War’ that dealt with what a war does to a man. I guess once I have really read it, I would surely write an even better story, maybe something longer in scope.

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