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The 5 girls you do not meet in your classroom

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Do I love you because you're beautiful?

Or are you beautiful because I love you?

She is the type you dream about but never really get to meet. You look around but you don't find her and give up, thinking she can only exist within stories. That particular girl may just be the one but wait, she is too haughty to fit your dream. Then there is that girl, cool, composed and nice. But she doesn’t have that magical charm about her. When you really look out for that girl, it does not matter if you are the right guy for her. That comes later. What matters is how closely she fits that idea you have for the perfect girl. And that idea too may vary from me to you and from you to the next guy who reads this blog. But what remains same is the essence of that idea, how we idealize a girl, hold her as the deity and try to find the best match possible. It isn’t objectification really and you just want to search your best. If it were to really come down to the topic of ‘what really makes you fall for a girl’, the answer would fit a bizarre combination of time spent and social niceties. But this post is above all that. We do not talk about those grey shades here and rather, we see them as they seem to us. Here is a list of the 5 girls you do not meet in your classroom, those five dream girls you can never reach but can die trying for-

#1- The Fantastico type


She is rare and she is a find. The Fantastico girl is the complex type; you just can’t see through her and the minute you feel like you have understood her, she would surprise you with another trick she always had up her sleeves. You are left boggled but Hey, you can’t complain. 
She is the intellectual beast you can never really tame but she is passionate enough to help you try. She is not just a reader, but also a writer and she is not just a listener but a thinker. You sit with her and you are in for a ride. She would understand those cultural references you make and would give you that smile which would light up your day. At other times, you do not even need to speak and a mere gesture is enough. She laughs at only the best of jokes and when she is not busy motivating other people, she is always real. She has a theory in life and she goes by it. But she never preaches and she understands she has more dimensions to her personality than the others around her. 
She is high profile but she is low on drama. She is mature enough not to be that. She is the girl who understands all the ‘Whats’ and is interested in knowing the ‘Whys’. I have never seen her in real life but I seem to have gotten close. Here is a true story if you have the time.

Among novel characters, she is Jane Eyre; among series favourites, she is Rachel Green;among movie greats, she is Clarice Starling; and in real life, she is a plain dream.
#2- The Impact girl-


She is the girl that can make you fall in love with her just by saying the word ‘Malaria’. She is the lady with the looks and she knows it. This girl is nowhere to be confused with that girl next door who can be the talk-of-the-town if she realizes it and sets herself up accordingly. This girl really is the one the whole town is mad for and someone who prides herself at that. Whether she has the personality or the wit to match up with her appearance is a different debate but when the scenery is that good, who cares if it has a food stop near it?( spare the pun, it came out of nowhere J ). 
But she has a downside too. She knows she is the Aphrodite of the place and so she knows she doesn’t have to ‘be nice’. But you can still always try.
This girl isn’t as rare as the fantastico type but she wouldn’t be sitting next to you in your classroom. At best, she is someone you spot when you go spot-seeing and now can’t get your eyes off. Yes there is a story, a true story to this. I will link it here once I write it.
Update: I wrote it.

In written history, she is the Helen of Troy; in movies, she is Ilsa Lund of that Paris we will always have.


#3- The peppy girl-


She is Anushka Sharma with an adrenaline rush. She is the girl who is always lit-up, ready to shine and spread the light. At most times, you would find her with a smile on her face and with a job on her shoulders. She is a busy bee and as such the most popular girl in the place. She is someone who is or either tries to play ‘nice’. 
Come what may, you can never beat that zeal out of her. She is smart, something that she has worked out for her instead of being born with. Life’s difficulties may be predicaments to others but to her, they are challenges and challenges are meant to be overcome. She is a partner you want if you have a pessimist-realist view of life. Because buddy, this girl will change your world.
The peppy girl isn’t something that she is but something she tries to be. And with constant practice has mastered it. That is not to say she is fake or pretentious but that she has seen fit to take up this role in her life and would act it out forever. As such, their number is on the rise and one of these days, you may really meet one. Till then, here is another story about the peppy girl.

She is Shakespeare’s Beatrice, She is Scarlett O’Hara and she is Holly Golightly.


#4- The art and music lover-


She is someone who seeks refuge in artistic talents and someone who knows her way around them. She isn’t just someone who keeps an earphone plucked into her ears. Surprisingly, she never does. She takes those things seriously enough not to waste while making conversation or doing some other stuff.
She is the girl who understands those little nitty-gritty things that escape common minds. She can find the hidden meaning in that line of the author, identify that brush-stroke the artist made out of grim frustration and hear a lesson of philosophy in that movie scene where no words are spoken.
When she is down, sing her favorite song and on a date, gift her the 5th symphony. And you will see the best of her.

She is Annie Hall, she is Rose Dawson and she is that girl who popped in your head while reading this.


#5- The Navigator


This girl seeks adventure and lives by it. And by adventure, she doesn’t mean sneaking out at night to have ‘panipuri’ (although she loves every minute of it). She has high standards of having fun. She wants to see things in her life and she wants to do them fast. You can’t hold her at one place because she is a butterfly with wings of aspiration. She loves going places, not for the people but for the view.
She doesn’t like staying home for the vacation and adventure sports is her thing. She enjoys bungee jumping, trekking, paragliding, rock-climbing and nothing sounds cooler to her than ‘scuba-diving’. She is not easily impressed and the only Bollywood movie she likes is ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Surprisingly not, the title makes up pretty much her whole world view. Navigation is just her thing.
Be with her and she will show you the world. Date her and you will get an idea.

She is Ellie Arroway; she idolizes Alice, and is in search of her own wonderland.

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