Wednesday 3 June 2015

How the Joker would respond to websites like ScoopWhoop, MensXP, Storypick etc.?

As I begin to write this piece, I wonder if I should really put my brain into it and work on its content . Somehow, we as a generation have moved from 'sifting' to 'skipping'. We don't really want to read the good things anymore and this has given rise to some horrific things- 'the things lists'. I don't mean to sound like a wannabe but seriously, has no one out there given any thought to how drained out our minds are becoming as these websites are pouring their trash right through our throats and we are gulping them down like maniacs. Isn’t that exactly what these websites have been doing to people these days? Read one post on them and your I.Q. drops by 20 points. Their content is crap and the way they market them is crappier. Still people make them go viral as if they are the spoken word or something. Finally, the Joker has raised his voice against them. Read on people, read on..... 

"You know what’s hypocrisy? Making lists like “10 reasons why India sucks” while living in India" 

"These civilized people...who feature a video on their blog based on eliminating commodification of women but use the most sensuous picture of a hot actress of the video as the featured pic to get more hits."

"If you’re not good at anything, become a person who makes those ‘10 things’ lists. "   

"You know, they just write these ‘things’. They wouldn’t know what to do with them in their actual life."  

"How about a magic trick? I’m gonna tell you how married people share relationship advise that unmarried people have written just because they have gifs."

   "The internet deserves a better class of bloggers."

  "You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the chance of getting more hits."


  "They are truly nonsensical, aren’t they? Huh? They won’t blog good out of some misplaced sense of incapability. And you would still open their posts because they are just too much fun".


 "I believe whatever doesn’t appear meaningful to you, simply makes you…share it."  

    "I’m not a blogger. I try to show these supposed ‘bloggers’ how pathetic their attempts to write ‘things’ really are."

Bandwidth verdict- It's high time that the precious bandwidth of the country is stopped being spent on trash like these. This is the Joker's response, not mine. But if I were to be asked, I would tell you the same. It's a wake up call. So WAKE UP.

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