Saturday, 1 August 2015

Drishyam (2015) movie review

This is the 50th post on this blog and I feel quite good about the fact that it's a review of 'Drishyam'.

If you haven't already seen the original version of it, then the best thing that you can probably do with your three hours this weekend is to watch 'Drishyam'- Nishant Kamat's Hindi adaptation of an ever so thrilling mystery of the same name. Take my word for it, if you keep yourself on the seat through the first hour without being judgemental about it, you are in for a treat that would light up your day.

"How smart could a guy who never passed his 4th standard be?" chuckles an ignorant Tabu who plays I.G. of Police Meera Deshmukh. Her son is missing and they suspect the Salgaonkar family for the crime. The '4th fail guy', as he is referred to multiple times in the movie is Vijay Salgaonkar, played by Ajay Devgan. Shriya Saran plays his wife Nandini and they have two daughters. It's a happy little family until an uninvited guest, as Vijay refers to him, barges in to shake their world. They beg him not to do it but he is adamant. In desperation, an accident occurs and the family is left to bear the consequences of it. Do they come out of this crisis? To phrase a better question- Is this crisis ever resolved? The movie answers the first question and leaves it upon the viewer to decide the latter. But it asks the viewer to consider some things while he does so- What's right? What's fair? and which is more right or more fair?

There are elements of subtle foreshadowing in the movie which prepare the viewer for a glorious finale if you pay attention. At one point, a movie freak Vijay watches a chase scene and comments how it is shallow and void with fast music used to hint that something good is going on. He wants suspense and thrill in the movie and so his story is going to provide exactly that to you. In a way, it's Hitchcockian because when you watch you know the whole scenario but are still surprised as layers start to fold out.

As per the performances, Ajay Devgan as always brings more to his character than the script has to offer. Here, with a script as fitting as any, he is a treat to watch. Shriya Saran doesn't have much screentime and doesn't really speak all that much. Her character of an orthodox wife isn't a high point in the film. Tabu's role isn't all that fascinating either. It's the script that saves them from being weak.

Having said that, the real hero of this movie is Jeethu Joseph whose original story comes as a blessing to this film. Still, a peculiar character is that of Sub-Inspector Gaitonde who plays the main villain in the film and who is so grotesque that we hate his very guts. Isn't that exactly what we love in a villain?

Bandwidth verdict- This review is not based on the film's comparison with the original Malayalam version nor to any other versions. If you haven't seen any, go watch this.

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