Saturday 30 May 2015

Top 10 Item numbers of Bollywood- An All Time List: Part 1

Raunchy,sensuous, seductive, sizzling- that's what describes an item number. Although they have little to do with the plot of the film,they surely make for a selling point. Hence, we are counting down the top 10 all time Item numbers of Bollywood.

Note- This is the first installment of a two part list. I originally intended to make a Top 20 list but I have felt that it gets a bit messy at times. Please provide your valuable feedback and do tell us about your own list.

10- Chamma Chamma (China Gate)

Robbers, ex-armymen, conflict and what's the high point of the film? Urmila dancing with Amrish Puri in this sizzling number.

9- Chal chhaiyan chhaiyan ( Dil se)

Malaika Arora and Shahrukh dancing to the sound of a train was something as bizarre as the genre has ever produced and yet the music of Rehman made its tune so enthralling that audiences couldn't help but take away this one out of the already rich soundtrack that 'Dil Se' had to offer.

8-Mera Naam Chin-Chin Choo (Howrah Bridge)

Helen was the pioneer of the genre of songs we now know as item numbers and this one started it all. Reason enough to be in the list right?

7- Choli ke picche (Khalnayak)

If it's notorious, is it not famous? This classic number proved to be just that with its over the top controversial lyrics but it still rocked audiences with it's composition. It is said that people watched the film multiple times just to watch this song on the big screen.

6- Chikni Chameli (Agneepath:2012)

This song shows how far Katrina Kaif has come in Bollywood and how she has been able to do so without any acting talent. With no intention to undermine the actress's star status, it shows the sheer professionalism and caliber of a foreign girl giving her all to a desi masala number which was such a huge hit that the Producer of the film, Karan Johar,went on record to say that the number was the main reason for the film's groundbreaking success.

5- Ek do teen (Tezaab)

The song that began Madhuri Dixit's journey to the pinnacle of Bollywood. It also proved to be instrumental in Tezaab being a Golden Jubilee Hit.

4- Munni Badnaam (Dabangg)-

Had it not been for Salman's legendary cameo in the song, I would have put it even higher. Having said that, I don't mean to undermine Salman Khan's presence in the song but want to convey how the immense popularity of it wasn't merely because of Malaika Arora Khan but a huge chunk of it belonged to Salman which wasn't exactly Item Song material as it found a way to link to the storyline.

3- Kajra re (Bunty aur Babli)

The song that brought the genre back and the song that brought the trend of top Bollywood actresses coming in for special numbers, 'Kajra re' had it all. There was no need of the song in the movie, it was seductive as seductive can be and pretty much defined an item song as well as the look of the lady of the moment.

2- Fevicol se (Dabangg 2)-  

When Dabangg 2 came out following the exact same model of the original, there were doubts as to whether it would meet the high bars set accordingly. However, in one category, it did and even surpassed it. Kareena Kapoor in her most sensuous avatar till date made up for putting down 'Chikni Chameli' and proved to be so iconic that she was able to carry the whole song on her shoulders with little help from Salman as opposed to 'Munni Badnaam'. The result was the best item sequence of the millennium.

1- Dilwalo ke Dil ka (Shool)

Which better than the first official 'Item number' of Bollywood ? When Shilpa Shetty sashayed on the tunes of 'Patli kamar matkake', she robbed more than just U.P. and Bihar. 

Bandwidth verdict- The list includes item songs that created an awe inspiring response from the masses and those that audiences instantly took to. Watch out for the part 2 of the list.

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