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Top 10 most iconic moments in Bollywood

Top 10 most iconic moments in Bollywood

Bollywood has always aimed at enthralling its audiences with Cinema that leaves lasting impressions on mindsets and ideologies. At times, it has went passed set norms and came up with moments as iconic as we are about to witness here-

10- First Anti Hero: 

Care to remember the first ever anti-hero in Bollywood? Somehow the search always ends at Sunil Dutt's Birju in Mother India. But 14 years before him, Ashok Kumar played the first Anti-hero in 'Kismet' and changed the way Indians looked at the hero of a film. Although it was criticized on grounds of glorifying a criminal lifestyle, the sheer charisma of the character racked up millions making Kismet the highest grossing Bollywood film of that time.

9- Salman's entry in Munni Badnam- Dabangg

source: tumblr

Dabangg was something as tremendous as Bollywood has ever produced. When pretty much for the first time in Hindi Cinema, the Robinhood hero in Salman barged into the lair of the villain during an item sequence as his own gracious self and then continued to dance with the girl of the moment, it made for a Bollywood moment that signified the birth of a hero who will not remain downtrodden in the entire movie and win it in the last few minutes but one who will be bigger than the villain at all times. 

8- First bikini scene

Sharmila Tagore donned a bikini in "An Evening in Paris" in 1967 and left the audiences jaw dropped with this avatar of hers. 

7-Kangana's journey

Okay, this isn't really a moment but the whole movie in a way. But why it is so iconic is because something changed the day Kangana as Rani set out on a solo honeymoon across the seas. With this, Bollywood grew from an infant who keeps crying when he/she needs something to a thoughtful child who knows what he/she WANTS and knows how to get it.

6- Anand movie- The death scene
source: Youtube

Myriads of times has it happened in Bollywood that you ask your dear one who has just left you alone in the world to speak up one more time. But nobody could gauge the shock and utter bewilderment if something like that really happened. Well, for once, it did and the intensity of that moment is still unparalleled.

5- First dream sequence-"Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi:
source: tumblr
'Awaara' was in many ways a revolution of its own in mainstream Cinema. A moral theme, a frustrated hero, a bold heroine and a love story that would endure everything to survive. All of this got signified by a song that put on the screen the very emotions and frustrations of the hero with a beauty that viewers got transported to a world within the world on the screen.

4-First item number:
source: tumblr
This one is a little tricky. There have been instances of songs that are close to the definition of an item number in 1930s and 40s. Another major one seems to be "Babuji Dheere Chalna" from Aar Paar featuring Shakila. But this slot goes to the first official item number of Bollywood and without doubt, the best ever to flaunt itself on the big screen- When Shilpa Shetty sashayed on the tunes of 'Dilwalo ke dil ka karaar lutne' , she robbed more than just U.P. and Bihar. 

3- First Onscreen Kiss:

 Devika Rani kissed her real life husband Himanshu Rai in 'Karma'(1933) and the scene lasted for 4 full minutes. Never before had Indian cinema witnessed anything so unprecedented and the kiss made for the legacy of a film that still lives.

2- Raj Kapoor comes upon Nargis as she is changing clothes, Awaara: 

The two love birds have just finished swimming and Nargis is changing clothes from a stylish swimsuit. Just then, Raj Kapoor barges in on her as she is partially hidden by a screen. The scene occupies a place in Hindi cinema comparable to that of Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster on the beach in From Here to Eternity.

1-Mother India shoots her son

Nargis played the epitome of an Indian mother in Mother India but even for her, the shooting of her son when she says- "Main beta de sakti hun, laaj nahi de sakti' proved to be too surprising for everyone. Yet, the greatness of the choice was legendary and as iconic as iconic can be.

Bandwidth verdict- Although there maybe moments more iconic to some than these, the given collection is a celebration of the brave choices that Bollywood has made over the years and a tribute to the same.

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