Thursday 26 February 2015


Have you seen match 56 of the IPL-2014 played between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai? Hailed by many as the greatest T-20 of all times, the match is remembered for how Rajasthan was a great team all along except for the last 20 minutes of the match and then it choked. Similar is the case with 'I'.
When I sat to watch it, I wanted to take it like a foreign language film and to do that I saw it in Tamil with English subtitles. I did not want the originality of the movie to get compromised by dubbings as I had great expectations from it. To tell you at the outset, 'I' is a tremendous movie. Just that, it loses the game in the last 20 minutes. There seems to be some affixation of our cinema with getting things the right way towards curtains. Still, I don't blame it because we are not judges of how things should have turned out in a particular film because a film is a story, a complete one and it asks you to take it unaltered.

Vikram who plays Lingesan (or Lee)  here has been a favorite for me ever since Aparichit. And he has surpassed his previous best performance with 'I'. With a non-linear story-line, the love and romance gone haywire tale of Lingesan has been put with almost an international finesse. Amy Jackson, one of the most beautiful upcoming actresses of India, plays the second wheel to him in her role of  Diya, a supermodel who he has a crush on. Jackson has been given considerable screen-time and not just a Katrina Kaifish role of flaunting herself for 20 minutes. That doesn't mean she doesn't flaunt; as a matter of fact, given her role, the director has shot some of the most stunning sequences of the beauty of a diva ever filmed in Indian Cinema. Given a premise as promising as this, the movie is about how the world betrays their love and how they fight back to save it.

As I don't understand Tamil, I can't tell much about the dialogue delivery but there is a sequence which I could not help but applaud where Diya starts falling in love with Lee and they have a sort of suburban trash talk. It comes near Intermission and steals the show.

There isn't much point in going about the technical details here except that the movie has some awesome shooting locales and pretty good CGI. The makeovers of actors are good to mediocre to bad. Much work has been done on the looks of the two protagonists and that pays dividends at large.

All in all, 'I' is a cool flick to watch and can be more so if when you watch it, you skip some useless scenes and essentially the last 10 minutes of the movie.

Bandwidth Verdict: Watch when you have nothing else to do. It's a Looong flick. 

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