Wednesday 18 February 2015

Grave of the Fireflies- The Greatest Saga of Human Emotions

I'm in tatters. I have just witnessed the most powerful emotional experience cinema can ever provide you and still I don't want you to see this film; not if you are human.
             "Grave of the fireflies" is pretty much the most profound saga of emotions I have ever seen in my life. In a review, I am supposed to give somewhat of a synopsis of the movie to the reader and then tell him/her of my views about it. But I am speechless. I don't know how I am typing these words on the screen in front of me and yet I am compelled to keep doing so. Sometimes one feels that things like this can only exist in literature or fiction but here I am, in truth, in reality, in the world I live and breathe every day in, and I am undergoing the same.
            And who am I to tell you about this movie? Would it help if I told you that war is hell and that it brings with it miseries that we cannot possibly fathom? Would it add anything to the infinite greatness of this movie if I were to tell you that it is a semi-autobiography? Would you prefer if I gave this movie a rating like all reviews do? I cannot rate it, you cannot rate it and any critic in the world cannot rate it. If you look out for this movie on the internet as to what it contains, you will get the words “a boy and his sister” and “second world war in Japan” carelessly thrown in. You will also know that it is an anime. But you will never know emotions that have been brought up with such peaceful intensity in the movie and I wish that you don’t either.

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